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About us

Thomar General Information about ThoMar

ThoMar OHG specialises in the production of desiccants made of calcined clay and the salt calcium chloride. We have many years of experience in this field and primarily supply industry directly.

Lütau is located in the greater Hamburg area in the charming District of the Duchy of Lauenburg. The Old Salt Road is a trade route steeped in history, connecting Lübeck and Lüneburg. The salt business blossomed here in the 13th century. Salt was transported from Lüneburg to the Hanseatic City of Lübeck and then shipped on further from the Port of Lübeck. The Hanseatic League made Lübeck larger and economically more important than Hamburg in those days. Today the metropolis of Hamburg is a crucial factor in the development of the District of the Duchy of Lauenburg.



Thomar Innovative Solutions for Your Applications

We keep your goods dry!

Looking for a way to reliably protect your merchandise from corrosion and moisture? We provide the solution!
Competent advise and many years of experience producing and marketing desiccants are part of our core competences. To allow you to profit from this as well, we have taken on the task of developing innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers.

Our experience is your insurance!