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Dimensioning according to Guideline Value for Storage by Desiccant Units (DU)

Please note:

The values in the chart describe the amount of DU required per m² of foil for storage in the respective climate zones. The condition is that the merchandise packaged does not contain any moisture itself.

For storage periods of max. of 1 year, we recommend a foil made of polyethylene (PE) at least 0.2 mm thick.

For a storage period of up to five years, we recommend a foil made of barrier-layer material (composite foil made of PE and Al).

Climate zones according to Neef (simplified)
Climate zones with countriesStorage periods using:
Barrier-filmPE foil 0.2 mm
1 y r2 yrs3 yrs4 yrs5 yrs3 mon.6 mon.1 year
Polar climate 8162432484816
Alaska (north), Greenland, Canada (north)        
Subpolar climate 81624324881220
Alaska (south), Iceland, central Canada, Labrador, Newfoundland         
Cool continental climate81624324881220
Central USA, south Canada, central Russia        
Summer-warm continental climate8162432406820
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan        
Maritime climate of the Mediterranean climate 816243248122036
Chile (south), Belgium, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand (south), Norway, Portugal, Tasmania, Ireland, USA (west coast)        
Transitional climate81624324881624
Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, Moldavia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, Rumania, Sweden, Switzerland, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus        
Sub-tropical climate8163248566824
North Korea, Russia (east coast), South Korea, USA (east coast)        
Subtropical climate163248566482036
Argentina, China (Shanghai), Japan, (south), New Zealand (north), Uruguay, USA (south)        
Winter-rain climate of the Mediterranean climate1624404864162448
Albania (north), Albania, Algeria (north), Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Australia (south), Chile (north), Greece, Iraq, Iran (north), Israel, Italy, Jordan, California, Crete, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Spain, Syria, Tunesia, Turkey, Cypress        
Alpine climates162440486482048
Mongolia, Nepal, Tibet, USA (mountainous)        
Dry trade wind climate 1632486480162448
Afghanistan, Egypt (south), Algeria (south), Angola, Australia (central), Bahrain, Iran (south), Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Unite Arab Emirates         
Wet trade wind climate 1632486480163264
Argentina, Australia (east coast), Bolivia, Brazil (south), Guadeloupe, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Cuba, Madagascar, Martinique, Mexico, Mozambique, New Caledonia, Puerto Rico, Zimbabwem, South Africa        
Tropical cyclical climate2440567288163264
Ethiopia, Australia (north), Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil (central), China, (south), Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guiana, Hawaii Hong Kong, India, Japan, Yemen, Cambodia, Kashmir, Kenya, Laos, Mauritania, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Zambia, Tanzania, Senegal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Tahiti, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad, Uganda, Venezuela, Vietnam        
Equatorial climate2440648096163272
Borneo, Brazil (north), Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, French Guiana, Gabon, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Indonesia, Cameroon, Colombia, Congo, Liberia, Malaysia, Mali, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Congo, Sumatra, Togo, Chad        
 Number of Dessicant Units (DU)