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Climate Chart

Water vapour content in one cubic metre of air as a function of temperature and relative humidity.

  • The water vapour content of the air is shown in the top line in g per m³.
  • The bottom line describes the temperature of the dew point in ºC.



At 45º C and 60% relative humidity, the air contains 39.50 g of water in 1 m³. If this air cools down to 35º C (dew point), relative humidity of 100% arises. There is thus the same amount of water at 45º C with 60% relative humidity as at 35º C with 100% relative humidity in 1 m³ air.

If the temperature drops further to 15ºC, the air can no longer hold the water. It condenses on the merchandise and on the packaging around it or is absorbed by it.
At 15º C the relative humidity remains at the maximum 100%.
Only 12.82 g of water can be held.
The remainder is absorbed by the merchandise or the packaging.
39.5 g – 12.82 g = 26.68 g of water.