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Dimensioning according to Guideline Values for cargo containers of Master Dry and Sea Dry

As the moisture adsorption capacity of Master Dry and Sea Dry is greater compared with Desi Dry and DIN Dry, for container transports we recommend using Master Dry and/or Sea Dry. This overview shows, in alphabetical order, the goods for which Master Dry and Sea Dry provides reliable protection against moisture. The recommendations listed apply to standard 20-foot containers (GP). The amount for standard 40-foot containers is accordingly twice as much.

As a general guideline value for assorted merchandise, we recommend 16 kg of Master Dry and 5 kg of Sea Dry for 20" cargo containers

 Recommended amount for 20-foot containers
ProductMaster DrySea Dry
Aluminium8 kg3 kg
Medicines14 kg5 kg
Bales, polypropylene fibres9 - 10 kg3 kg
Beer in cans, packed in cardboard boxes8 - 10 kg3 kg
Chutney in jars, packed in cardboard boxes10 kg3 kg
Household appliances (fridges, washing machnes, dishwashers, microwaves, etc)8 kg3 kg
Rubber goods, India rubber8 - 12 kg4 kg
Cables, etc12 - 16 kg5 kg
Coffee (raw coffee)Should be demoisturised by 1% per 1 kgShould be demoisturised by 1% per 0,3 kg
Cocoa (raw cocoa)20 kg6 kg
Copper8 kg3 kg
Canned foods (fish, fruit, meat, milk, vegetables, etc)14 - 16 kg5 kg
Leather products12 kg4 kg
Machinery (parts), pumps, spare parts, etc8 - 10 kg3 kg
Brass8 kg3 kg
Metals (steel)8 kg3 kg
Dairy products (powdered milk, cheese products)14 - 16 kg5 kg
Mineral water16 - 18 kg5 kg
Tobacco goods10 kg3 kg
Tobacco leaves12 kg4 kg
Tea in jute sacks20 kg6 kg
Tea in tea crates10 kg3 kg
Textiles (natural), cotton, jute, silk, etc10 kg3 kg
Textiles (synthetic)10 kg3 kg